Why are SUITCUBE suits cheaper and have better quality than others?

We are a direct manufacturer. We have been in the fashion industry for over 30 years, giving us a complete understanding of the manufacturing process. Therefore, we can maintain product quality at a premium level and a price that is cheaper than competitors.

Do we have a storefront?

We have a storefront ready to serve you around Bangkok. Please check the nearest branch here. CLICK HEAR. Moreover, you can easily order products online. We do not charge any shipping fees.

Order, Payment, Delivery

Order: Customers can order products online from the website www.suitcube.com

or come to shop directly at all 11 SUITCUBE stores. CLICK HEAR

Payment: You can purchase by credit card or transfer to Krung Thai Bank

no. 768-035-2852.

Delivery: SUITCUBE will deliver the product by post, or you can choose to receive the product through all 10 SUITCUBE stores. CLICK HEAR

Product replacement conditions

You can change the product within seven days after receiving the product. Customers can improve outcomes, which can change the size of the same model only, one time, free of charge. The company reserves the right not to return products. Moreover, clearance stock, shirts, and accessories can not be changed.

If you want to return the product, it must be in original condition, including the complete packaging. For example, a suit must have a hanger, a suit bag, a tag, and all the accessories.

Returning products are the responsibility of the customer until the products arrive at our warehouse. Please pack the product neatly to prevent damage to the product.

SUITCUBE reserves the right not to change the product if the product is damaged or the packaging is not complete.

Product replacement procedure

— Contact us on the method that is convenient for you.

Send an email to [email protected] and specify the product model that you want to change.

Notify via LINE @SUITCUBE specifying “Request to exchange products” (You can exchange products free of charge. Please check the conditions.)

Call us via 02-107-7777 during business hours Mon-Sat 10:00 – 20:00 hrs.

— Check the product and package.

— Send registered mail (or EMS) to : Administration Department

271/10-11 Sathu Pradit Road, Chong Nonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 (02-107-7777)

— Please inform the package number so we can check the product status.

As soon as we receive the returned product, SUITCUBE will respond to let you know.

Checking product status

SUITCUBE will send tracking numbers to customers after we ship the product. Customers can use the tracking number to check the status on the Thai Post website on this link : http://track.thailandpost.co.th/trackinternet/Default.aspx

How many days will the alterations take?

If the customers want to resize their suits, we will take about seven days. Service details are as follows:

  • Ladder stitch service is free. The working period is within seven days. For urgent cases, there is a charged fee of 300 baht.

  • The style or waist modification fee is 300 baht. Suit modification (sleeve length) is 300 baht.

  • Resize both suit jacket and pants is 500 baht. Shorten the size of the suit jacket for chest, waist, and hips costs 500 baht.

We have professional staff which experts in the pattern of suits to serve all customers.

How to clean a suit?

Jacket and pants can only be dry cleaned. If customers are convenient to wash by themselves, we suggest washing with hands. It would be best if you used a steam iron with low heat. You can use pads before ironing.

What type of fabric is used?

SUITCUBE has various types of fabrics. The most used is blended wool — all suits in our shop use only high-quality material. Therefore, quality is definitely beyond the price.

In case the customer is not comfortable picking up products at the store, is there any service available?

We have delivery service through messenger. In the case that the customer is in Bangkok or the metropolitan area, the service fee will be calculated according to distance. If customers do not rush to use or stay in other provinces, we also have EMS post service.

How many days does a custom suit take?

Usually, it takes 14 days, but we suggest you spare total of one month for alteration. At the end of the year, it is usually for the wedding season; the queue is quite long. Some popular colors may be out of stock and have to wait to produce the fabric. Therefore, you should avoid visiting us at the weekend because we are afraid that our staff would not provide thorough care.

How many days does a ready-made suit take?

If you are fit with the ready-made suit, you can take it immediately. If it needs some alteration, we need to send it back to the manufactory first, It takes less than 7 days. However, if you are in rash, we suggest you take it first and then come back to fix it later.